Natural Swimming Pools


  • 100% renewable materials
  • Without the use of a foundation and without use of concrete
  • Energy efficiency expanded
  • No use of chemicals (bromine, chlorine, salt, acid)
  • Unconstrained, sustainable maintenance
  • Implementation fast, simple, and totally modular
  • Local production based in our region
  • An overall controlled annual operating budget
  • O2pool’s process and design is unique and purely O2pool!


Piscine bois terrasse - O2pool
Piscine naturelle en bois - O2poolPiscine biologique en boisPiscine en bois - O2poolPiscine jardin en bois

You swim in freshwater, in direct contact with solid wood ?

Our team would be pleased to meet you and discuss your swimming natural pool project. O2pool’s concept is unique and its contruction in your garden can be finished within 5 days. Will you be the next ?